Autumn and spring are the times of choice for business trips. Not just because of the numerous events and trade fairs but also because of the predisposition to strengthen alliances and assets and to develop strategic potential. That’s the reason why, as usual, this time of the year, many members of the Intech sales team travel to their respective areas of relevance. To participate in industry events, meet customers and new contacts, cultivate relationships, and maintain contact with their partners.

Giulia Maira IntechIn autumn 2023, the first to get on the road was Giulia Maira, responsible for French-speaking Europe, who went to the Salon SEPEM INDUSTRIES, held between 10 and 12 October at the Parc des Expositions d’Angers, France.

After the event, showcasing products, equipment, services, and processes related to logistics, production, maintenance, and safety management for various industrial sectors, Ms. Maira stopped in the Loire region for a series of rendezvous with her customers in the area.


Lucia Dominioni IntechThen it was the turn of Lucia Dominioni (露西), Area Sales Manager for the PRC, who travelled to China in late October and early November. Between 24 and 28 October, Ms. Dominioni was in Shanghai to attend the Power Transmission and Control Technology Asia 2023 (PTC -ASIA) exhibition, one of the most important in the world.

She then travelled to the capital city, Beijing, where she had the chance to experience exquisite Chinese hospitality during a series of fruitful meetings with many company partners.


Saida Touali IntechIn November, Saida Touali, responsible for the Maghreb area and French-speaking North Africa, travelled to Morocco to take part in the Salon international de l’électricité, de l’éclairage, de l’électrotechnique et de l’automatisation industrielle (Elec Expo), held in Casablanca between 8 and 11 November.

In the days leading up to the event, Ms. Touali made several trips to northern Morocco to meet with company stakeholders.


Alessandro Ferrauto IntechNext on the agenda is Intech 3’s General Director and Senior Sales Manager Alessandro Ferrauto, who will be traveling to Malaysia between 27 November and 15 December to meet with the company’s employees, take stock of Intech 3’s ongoing activities and strategic projects, and make contact with the main customers and potential suppliers in the ASEAN region.

We kindly invite those who wish to make an appointment with Mr. Ferrauto to contact him directly at


PTC Asia 2023 Intech

PTC Asia 2023

Business trips - Sepem Angers Intech

Sepem Angers 2023

Business trips - Sepem Angers Intech

Sepem Angers 2023