In the summer of 2023, Taiwanese company Yageo completed the acquisition of the Telemecanique Sensors business unit from Schneider Electric. With this acquisition, announced in fall 2022, Yageo, a manufacturer of passive electronic components among the world leaders in chip resistors, tantalum capacitors, inductors, and MLCCs, enriches its product portfolio and its “firepower” in the industrial automation market. As expected, this acquisition generated some changes in the supply chains of the company’s partners, as well as temporary difficulties in the availability of products and alterations in the commercial conditions applied. The Intech Network, already at the time of the announcement in 2022, activated alternative supply channels with the team of buyers focused on finding the most in-demand products to store and, therefore, never lost the ability to supply Tesensors under the conditions already in place (in terms of delivery times and prices), seamlessly.


Another considerable change related to a brand with which Intech and its business partners are familiar is the one involving Weidmüller. The German company has no plans for divestment or acquisition but has announced that it will change its business policy in January 2024. Distribution channels will remain unchanged, but it is likely that purchasing conditions will change to some extent. The Intech Network’s sales team has already taken action in this regard, signaling the planned changes and thus inviting its partners to hoard Weidmuller products by the end of the year.

Our stocks

Finally, as previously reported, following a trend affecting the entire industry and has accelerated sharply on the back of the long wave of the COVID years and the raw materials crisis, the stockpiling of products in the warehouse continues. The Intech Network and its partners have been committed to building up inventories – particularly of the most in-demand brands and product families – to ensure availability and timely deliveries. Among the brands for which Intech has stock lists, Siemens has been joined in recent months by Rockwell/Allen Bradley, Omron, and Mitsubishi.

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