Spring news: the Intech sales team has recently been enriched with a new outstanding professional figure. As of April 17, 2023, Anastasia Basilico has in fact been appointed Sales Specialist, joining Lucia Dominioni in managing the Intech network’s Sino-speaking interlocutors (China and Taiwan).

Anastasia is fluent in Mandarin language – she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Language Mediation and a Master’s Degree in International Cooperation, both earned from the University of Insubria in Como.

After completing her education in the humanities/diplomatic field, Anastasia had some significant experiences abroad: Ireland and particularly China, where, after stay in Hangzhou and Xi’an, she obtained a scholarship from the Milan Confucius Institute at Xiamen University.

Back to Italy, she completed an internship – remotely, due to the covid-19 pandemic – at the Italian Cultura Institute in Valletta, Malta.

Employment at Intech is her first work experience in the world of commerce and private enterprise.

Firmly trusting in the valuable contribution she will be able to offer to the success of the company, and the enrichment she will bring to the human fabric of Intech, we greet our new colleague wishing her a good job!


intech china sales team

春天的消息:Intech 的销售团队最近增加了一个新的杰出专业人物。自2023年4月17日起,Anastasia Basilico (白晨兰) 被任命为销售专员,与Lucia Dominioni (露西) 一起管理Intech Network的中国语言对话者。

anastasia basilico

白晨兰会说流利的普通话, 还拥有语言调解的本科学位和国际合作的硕士学位, 都是在科莫的因苏布里亚大学获得的。


在 Intech 工作是她在商业和私营企业界的第一次工作经验。

我们坚信,她将为公司的成功做出增色的贡献,也将为 Intech 的人力带来价值. 我们向我们的新同事致意,祝她工作顺利


白晨兰, 加油!