Ametek continues in its path of strategic acquisitions, adding to its portfolio SoundCom Systems, a Cleveland-based company specialized in the design and application of communication systems for the structured organizations that deal with a large amount of data on a daily basis and need to assure a seamless workflow (i.e. healthcare and educational facilities).

The-Communication-Gap-Between-Nurses-and-Other-Healthcare-Professionals_article_mainThe acquisition of SoundCom furtherly broadens the range of services and activities of Rauland, Ametek’s leading brand in the design and delivery of critical communications, workflow, and life-safety solutions for hospitals and schools, in the appealing markets of the Midwest.

The solutions implemented by SoundCom, which provides integration, installation, training, and support services for audio, video, sound, and communication technologies, are aimed to make collaboration, employee engagement, and interaction among employees and with the public as efficiently as possible.

SoundCom has annual sales of about 40 million dollars and enters Ametek as part of the Electronic Instruments Group (EIG).

As highlighted by David A. Zapico, AMETEK Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, this acquisition was an excellent choice for Ametek and, in particular, for Rauland, which further expands its presence in a strategic area of ​​the USA and can now provide “the customers with expanded value-added solutions and services”.

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