9-Simple-and-Cheap-Energy-Saving-Office-TipsThe Switzerland-based company, a leader in industrial technology, decisively proceeds in its path oriented towards energy saving and rationalization of consumption, even in non-industrial fields.

ABB, which has always been attentive to the efficient use of energy and environmental sustainability, has in fact adopted in recent months an approach increasingly oriented towards the development and implementation of projects and solutions aimed at making energy supply more efficient, but also to reduce the impact on distribution networks, on the street, in manufacturing facilities or at home.

For industrial plants, ABB recently launched the new EQmatic Energy Analyzer, a compact solution for the management of data related to electricity, gas, water, and heat, collected via M-bus meters. The system has been developed to optimize the usage of energy through monitoring and analysis of consumption, and it is expected to allow companies to save energy up to 20%.

energyFor private housing, the company introduced REACT 2, a new solution aimed to increase the storage of solar energy collected through panels. The storage capacity of the new modular inverter, up to 12 kWh, will significantly increase the energy self-sufficiency of the buildings, which can reach up to 90%.

wireless_car_charging_2011ABB applies the same principles focused on environmental sustainability and consumption rationalization in other fields too, such as the transport sector, where the company has launched a new range of electric vehicle recharging products, designed for being used in private homes as well as in shops and industrial plants.

The new range of AC wall boxes provides in fact a variable energy supply and absolute ease of installation, thus ensuring flexibility and adaptability in the use of this new system – the most economical currently available for electric cars.

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