Over the past few weeks, the industrial automation world has recorded some major acquisitions made by important industry players.

WIKAAt the end of October, WIKA acquired the Italian company SAMI Instruments, a long-time supplier of needle valves and manifolds for instrumentation of the Germany-headquartered Group.

SAMI, founded in 1960, is a respected manufacturer of valves and manifolds, well known in the international market for its high-quality standards: with this acquisition, WIKA furtherly improves its competitive positioning in the process industry and contractor business.

Moving to the American market, one week ago Mitsubishi Electric announced the acquisition of the Power Device Sales Business of US company Powerex.powerex

The acquisition will be completed within January 2018 and it is expected to enable the Japanese group – through the wholly-owned subsidiary Mitsubishi Electric US – to allocate resources and energies to support the American customers, who will benefit from enhanced customer service and technical support, especially for the automobile market.

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