Happy birthday, Intech.

Five years ago we were celebrating Intech Automazione’s thirtieth birthday, proud and pleasantly impressed by the achievement of such a significant milestone, by a long and articulated success story, by the exemplary and surprising path of a small company that, building brick by brick, has become a major international player, with more and more locations, people, assets and reputation.

At the time, we proudly told the history of the company, from its origins in 1989, looking with gratitude and benevolence at the past as well as confidence and courage at the future.


happy birthday, intech

Intech Automazione turns 30!


In these five years, many small and big things have happened: momentous changes, collective traumas, drastic alterations to dynamics that seemed eternal and unchanging just a few days before. Yet we are still here, bigger, more aware, and solid, with the firm intent on staying.

In the summer of 2022, we said goodbye to one of the founding partners, Giuseppe Ceresa, who left his role at the top of the company to devote himself to foreign business and a little more than deserved leisure (rest no, we are not that kind of people, certainly not Giuseppe), welcoming the new CEO, Eugenio Bonaffini, already a valuable resource at the company’s side for several years.

Strategic Director Paolo Pirota, co-founder and creative mind behind the polyform prism called Intech, took on an increasingly crucial role, soon joined by Giuseppe Cetti, already a veteran of the sales team, appointed with new tasks and responsibilities.

We introduced new professionals to meet the ever-increasing needs in terms of procedures, administration, logistics, and customer relations. There have been virtuous examples of internal mobility, as many people climbed the career ladder, e.g. Davide Brambilla, Francesco Piacentini, Elena Guzzetti, Mattia Negretti, Jessica Fabiano, and others.

We obtained certifications, certificates, and well-deserved seals of approval. We have gained greater awareness in terms of social responsibility and contribution to the territory. We have faced problems organic to a company that grows at a whirlwind pace, and other setbacks that have forced us to adapt structures, processes, and sometimes even approaches.

We have seen the foreign companies in the Intech Network grow, each one increasingly focused on the needs and specificities of their respective markets. We have seen the size of our warehouses and headquarters more than double, welcomed countless new colleagues, and celebrated collective and personal milestones.

happy birthday, Intech

We have abandoned some of the assets that contributed to our good fortune, which had reached the end of their useful life due to age limits, and introduced others more in line with the current times.

Today, Intech turns 35: a confident young adult at the height of his potential. Even in reaching this further milestone, we never lose awareness that the future is unwritten and must be built day by day, without ever sitting back, or glorifying ourselves too much.

But now we allow ourselves a few more words and a well-deserved celebration – happy birthday, Intech.


Tomorrow, we will dream of new ambitions, create new challenges, and seek new victories. Which will represent the good, the strong, and the true that lies inside us, in all of us who shared this adventure of binding our lives to a dream called Intech.


Paolo Pirota (quote attributed)


It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock’n roll

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