After more than a month and a half of silence, some important updates related to the Intech Network.

Official distribution agreements

As often remembered, our philosophy has always kept us away from exclusive agreements:

“…In our commercial approach, we have always tried to be unrestrained and “mobile”. For many of the brands we deal with (thousands) we, deliberately, have never requested the status of official distributors. We know the market’s rules, and we think that to always respond effectively and promptly to the needs of our customers, we can be more competitive and find the best products at the most advantageous conditions without being subject to exclusivity constraints. “

However, elasticity, adaptability, and reasoning are the most solid pillars of this philosophy, and a series of objective conditions, along with relationships of trust and a history of fruitful collaborations have led us in recent times to some significant exceptions.

Here, then, is a list of brands of excellence, Italian and otherwise, with whom we have established official partnerships, aimed at ensuring our customers an even more accurate service, tighter delivery times, technical and after-sales assistance, the best purchase conditions, and discount programs.

The brands with which we currently have official distribution agreements are Camlogic, CD Automation, Celmi, Chauvin Arnoux, Datexel, Gefran, Hanna Instruments, and Hengstler. A brief profile of each manufacturer is available at the dedicated page:


After a mix of curiosity and mistrust towards the new service during the announcement phase, the implementation provided us with a more precise perception of the areas, brands, and product types on which it may make more sense to propose more favorable alternatives and conditions (in terms of price, or delivery, or availability).

Currently, we are mainly focusing on transcoding portable measuring devices on the one hand, and cartridges and other filter elements on the other.

transcoding Intech

We invite all our interlocutors interested in these products experiencing difficulties in procurement (due to price increases, scarcity of raw materials, and undeniable and generalized contingent difficulties) to send us their requests indicating the willingness to receive offers for alternative products.


Camlogic – guaranteed delivery times

Introducing our new transcoding service